Eco Friendly Home Delivery

Delivered Fresh, Naturally

Puffin Packaging are specialists in innovative, eco-friendly packaging. They source recyclable and biodegradable materials to manufacture versatile temperature insulated packaging. Their Puffin liners are filled with one of nature’s best insulators- sheep’s wool.

As a sustainable and environmentally conscious fishmonger, we take pride in promoting the shift towards a more greener future. Our commitment to the environment has led us to replace the classic and traditional polystyrene packaging with an innovative, reusable alternative for our nationwide deliveries.

After placing your online order, your fish will be purchased, prepared and swiftly placed in fully recyclable cardboard boxes or food grade recyclable polyethylene mailing pouches, both lined with a premium Sheep’s wool liner. This will provide superior insulation for your order, ensuring that your fresh products are kept perfectly between 2-5 degrees celsius, minimising humidity and condensation for up to 72 hours. Frozen shipments will be kept below -18 degrees celsius for up to 45 hours. Additionally, our reusable frozen ice packs are included in every shipment, ensuring your fish remains at optimal temperature during transit.

All deliveries will be sent with DPD or DHL next day courier services, ensuring that your fresh produce will not be in transit for longer then 24 hours.

Puffin Packaging does also offer a Return Scheme with the Royal Mail, with a minimum return of 6 liners or pouches. Please see their website for further information.