Smoked Fish

Welcome to Jacksons “Smoked Fish” category, where you’ll discover a fantastic range of masterly smoked fish that are perfect for adding extra flavour to your favourite dishes. Our fish is smoked using the same traditional techniques from the 1960’s and contains no additives, no colourings, no sugars, just salt and Ωsmoke from carefully burnt Oak.

Our smoked fish selection includes a variety of different types of fish, including; whitefish such as Cod and Haddock, to oily fish such as Mackerel, Trout and Salmon. You will even find more unique offerings such as Smoked Roe, Arbroath Style Smokies and Smoked Conger Eel or something more simple but beautifully tasting like our creamy pâtes.

The fish we use for smoking is sourced from sustainable fisheries and smoked by skilled artisans, who complete the whole process by hand. Our artisans will salt or brine the fish, before laying them on trays to smoke using an old school kiln, with fires that need to carefully controlled and managed by eye.

Whether you’re looking for something to add to a salad or pasta dish, our just simply enjoy our smoked fish on its own, Jacksons own smoked fish will provide the perfect ingredient to elevate your meal.

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