Shell Fish

Welcome to Jacksons “Shellfish” category, here you’ll find a delicious and spectacular selection of some of the finest and most flavourful seafood from the South Coast and around the World. Our shellfish range includes a variety of options, such as; Brown Crab, Lobster, Mussels, Cockles, Prawns and Clams, all of which are known for their varying and unique taste.

Shellfish is not only delicious but also extremely healthy as well. It’s low in fat and also high in protein, with studies repeatedly concluding that Mussel Meat has a higher amount of protein per gram then Chicken or Beef.

Our shellfish category offers a range of options for all levels of cooks, from ready to eat, to quick and easy meals and even something for the more complex dishes. Shellfishes  versatility as a food, means it can be cooked in many ways, from steaming, to grilling

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