Jacksons Fish Values

Jacksons Fish has been supplying the freshest seafood since 1922 and quality smoked goods since the 1960’s. The key reasons behind this longevity is found within our company’s four key values.

Tradition – Jacksons has a long esteemed presence within Brixham and the wider fishing industry. Jacksons has had the pleasure with working alongside both local and international fish businesses within its history and is trusted within the industry. Jacksons has earn’t this trust through its commitment to traditional techniques and providing unparalleled flavour within its seafood.

Simplicity – The flavour of seafood does not need to be masked and that is why at Jacksons we dedicate ourselves to providing quality and simple products, that contain minimal ingredients and unmatched flavour.

Quality – We visit the market and purchase fish daily from Brixham, ensuring we only buy fish that meets our high standards. We also keep a lean inventory, allowing us to predominately source to order and ensure the freshness of our seafood. At Jacksons we maintain strict Quality Control measures making sure that everything leaving Jacksons is pristine. For items that we can’t acquire from Brixham, we will work alongside trusted supplies who share our ethos around quality and sustainability. After acquisition, we work diligently, vacuum sealing or potting the seafood to ensure the correct storage of your products. Before carefully packing the goods within temperature controlled packaging and providing a rapid delivery of products.

We believe in adhering to our values, respecting traditions and providing you with quality and simple fresh fish. Adhering to these values allows Jacksons to consistently provide great tasting seafood to our consumers. If you to share these values and passion for sustainable, fresh and pristine quality fish, we would like to welcome you to Jacksons.